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Certis Europe Railservice

Wir halten Ihre Gleise sauber.

Certis Europe Railservice
Certis Europe Railservice Wir halten Ihre Gleise sauber.

About Us

Certis Europe Railservice provides clean railways and safe journeys.

Railservice - Who we are

Certis Railservice has dealt with vegetation on railways for approximately 70 years. The business unit has its office in Cologne, Germany and is a department of Certis Europe B.V. Niederlassung Deutschland in Hamburg. Certis Railservice originated at the end of 2017 from the merger of the once independent J.M. Lauff GmbH, located in Cologne, and the vegetation control department of Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, located in Hamburg.

Since this merger, we have been able to use the comprehensive knowledge of both business units in our core activities, thus building a high-performing organization.

As a self-sufficient rail traffic company, we have extensive experience in the organization and execution of many services on railway systems (all-around-service).


  • Railway enterprise in accordance with § 6 General Railway Act (GRA)
  • Safety certificate in accordance with Section 7a (2) GRA, in conjunction with Section 7a (3) GRA
  • Vendor Rating Deutsche Bahn AG
  • DSFZ German Forest Service Certificate
  • "Messen und Beurteilen am Baum"


  • DB Netz AG (Deutsche Bahn)
  • DB Fahrwegdienste
  • CFL Luxembourg
  • Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)
  • Private railways
  • Industrial enterprises